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What Should I Look for In a Landscaper?

Landscape professionals are highly desired. With the internet, it’s easy to find many landscapers who want your business and can complete your project. But you still want to get value for your money, and this will only be possible if you find the right landscape professional. Follow this guide to know the best qualities to consider before hiring a landscaping contractor.

Licensing and registration

You should first check if the landscaping professional you are hiring has a license from their state. If they don’t, this might be a risky business deal as there’s no assurance that they will do an excellent job on your project. You want to be sure that you are contracting someone who will deliver.

Work experience and portfolio

You want to know how much experience your landscaping professional has. If you hire a newer landscaping company, they might have cheaper rates but won’t have the experience as an established business. An established company will be able to provide you with a client referral list, while a newer company might not have any or very few referrals. If possible, ask to see pictures of their works, physically or online.

Good reputation

You should check the landscaper’s reputation online. A good reputation guarantees you excellent service and safety for your household and property, even with strangers around. If their work is satisfactory and they have many satisfied clients, they will be more likely to do good work for you too. But if their business has no presence on Google or Yelp, that might be a red flag.

Reasonable quotes and prices

Landscaping companies generally charge per hour or by project, depending on which is more convenient for you. If possible, set an appointment with them so that they can visit your property and assess the scope of work needed. Get a quote from them that includes labor costs, materials required to complete your landscaping project, permit fees if necessary (in case of a building), etc.

Attention detail and communication

You want to see if the landscape designer is attentive and detail-oriented. If you have a vision in mind for your landscape, they should understand what you are asking or ask you clarification questions. They must listen carefully because everyone involved must understand what is needed (you, your landscaper, and the contractor you will hire to do specific jobs like building). Communication is key.


Professional landscapers should have liability insurance to protect both you and them. You don’t want a situation where your landscape architect does shoddy work but is not covered if something goes wrong due to this poor quality craftsmanship. Moreover, they might also be insured for worker’s compensation if any person on their team gets hurt or sick while working for you. This is a good sign that they take their profession seriously and are not going to be reckless. It might cost you in the long run if an incident happens on your property because of poor workmanship.

Comprehensive service

Landscape professionals should be able to provide a comprehensive landscaping service for you, which includes designing your landscape and installing it correctly and taking care of its needs in the future. For example, they can do installation work like putting down mulch, stones, grass etc., and then maintain them by watering the plants when needed. Make sure to discuss all inclusions with your landscape professional before they begin your project.

Environmental responsibility

If you have a soft spot in your heart for the environment, you don’t want a landscaper to damage the environment while working for you. So make sure that they use only eco-friendly materials and plants in their work, which is not detrimental to your property and surrounding habitats. Ask them about their policy on recycling and re-using materials as well.

Where can I find a professional landscaper?

There are numerous places you can use to find a professional to handle your landscaping needs. But to make sure you find the right landscape contractor for the job, you might want to:

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Ask family and friends for referrals

You can ask around and find a landscaper who has done work for someone you know. They will provide you with the contacts and name of the person or company and tell you what their experience was like with them. This will also ensure that you are contracting a reputable contractor who will complete your project on time and with satisfaction.

Check online

There are endless landscaping businesses listed online. All you need to do is search on Google, and hundreds of results will appear for you to sort through. Don’t forget to visit their websites, check online reviews from previous clients, and check their portfolios.

Visit local garden centers

You can visit local garden centers or nurseries as well. These places will have information about different kinds of plants, trees etc., so you might be able to find out more about which ones are best for your area and what they need in terms of landscape maintenance. These types of centers also work closely with many landscaping companies around your area, so it might be worth asking them if they can give you a recommendation.

Read newspaper ads and flyers

Many landscaping contractors advertise in newspapers and put up flyers. So read through these to get a list of companies that might help you with your landscaping projects. This way, you can also check their websites or call them directly from the ads for quotes.

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What Should I Look for In a Landscaper?

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