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Commitment to the community and The Little League

In the winter of 2008 our baseball field needed some serious work; Grand-View came to help the kids in ways we have never seen. Stan Gaylord and David Sprague generously assisted in the planning and coordination with both the little league who manages and operates, and the School District who owns the property. Their donation of equipment, expertise and man hours helped to transform a worn out diamond into one of the best fields in our district. In the bitter cold, Grand-View with the help of donations from its suppliers: Oregon Turf, United Pipe and Bark Dusters took our facility and made it into a place all the community can be proud of. The preparation and grading of the field was expert, the installation and design of irrigation systems was timely and proficient and the installation of quality sod laid out to exacting specifications made for a field that we can be proud of for years to come. Central Vancouver Little League can not thank Grand-View Landscape enough for it’s commitment to the community and The Little League.

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Commitment to the community and The Little League

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