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How Can I Make My Yard Stand Out?

A well-pampered yard can improve the curb appeal of your property as well as raise its value.  A yard is like a canvas; you can make it anything you want it to be. There are many improvements you can make that will improve the curb appeal of your property without breaking the bank. You don’t have to spend a fortune to have a great-looking yard, so no matter the size of your budget, here are a few professional tips on how you can make your yard stand out on your own or by hiring a landscape company!

Use plant variety

You should never have only one kind of plant in your front yard. A variety of plants will help you achieve a natural look that complements the neighborhood while replacing a monotonous yard. If possible, try to use native species which are drought-resistant and thrive well with minimum maintenance. Also, they may be cheaper than exotic plants because they do not require high irrigation.

Using the right color combinations

Make sure to choose colors that coordinate well with one another and create a soothing environment without clashing color combinations. You can find ideas on how to blend different shades online or take inspiration from local nurseries.

Incorporate the right accessories

Accessories such as garden seats or bird feeders add a personal touch to your landscaping. Having these items will make you love going out in your backyard more often, and they also make your property stand out! You can find many of them online on websites that sell designer products at reasonable prices.

Be creative

Build garden retaining walls, patios, and other structures using natural stones or bricks instead of other materials allows you to achieve a unique rustic look. Also, choose quality products that do not require frequent maintenance so you can spend your free time outdoors doing something more fun than fixing them.

Modify your lawn for the right season

You should remodel your garden to fit the current weather conditions. For example, during the rainy seasons in the Pacific Northwest, you can install a drainage system if too much water accumulates after heavy rainfalls.

Take care of your front yard regularly

You should mow the grass, trim hedges, and pull out weeds on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on how much time you have at hand. You can also add compost to make the soil richer if needed. In addition, clean debris from flower garden beds in springtime before new plants sprout up.

Incorporate lighting

You also want to light up your lawn at night because it will make you feel safer and allow others to admire the design from afar. You can use backyard lamps or install outdoor lighting fixtures on walls, fences, or trees if there is no power outlet nearby. Just choose energy-efficient bulbs that provide enough illumination for your needs.

Plant perennials

Plant perennials instead of annual flowers because they come back every year and require less maintenance. This way, you will get prolonged enjoyment that comes back every year! Also, choose the tallest plants to attract birds, butterflies, or bees, depending on what you like to see in your yard.

Create walkways

Adding stepping stones between your flower beds is an excellent idea if you want easy paths to walk on, and they are a great way to add curb appeal! However, make sure to choose flat-sized crushed stone slabs so they do not sink into the ground or get damaged due to frequent use. If you like shady spots in your yard, install trellises over them because they will provide a shaded area during hot days while still allowing air to circulate.

Include a water feature

Water fountains, ponds, or even birdbaths add beauty and charm to create excellent focal points. If possible, install a drip irrigation system or a sprinkler to water other plants automatically when needed. This will ensure that your lawn remains luscious and green even during the summertime.

Improve your grass

You may want to improve your grass by planting the correct species. For example, you should choose drought-resistant grasses if there is not enough water in your area. Also, consider the climate conditions because plants that grow in warmer regions are usually more resistant to heat and require less care than other types of grass.

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Maintain your garden bed edges

Make sure to keep bed edges clean because they are the first thing that catches your attention when you look into the front yard. You can use a shovel or edging tool for this. Also, do not forget to collect all clippings after mowing, so no debris is left on sidewalks and other parts of the outdoor space.

Include a fence

If you have pets, they might escape from your front yard if there is no fencing, installing one around the perimeter of your home is essential. In addition, adding a decorative element such as arched top rails or pickets can improve its appearance and turn it into an eye-catching feature.

Your Local Landscape Specialists!

At Grand-View Landscaping, we believe that hiring a landscaping expert is the best way to make your landscape design ideas come true. We are committed to providing our customers with high-quality landscaping Vancouver WA design, construction, and maintenance services at competitive prices. Contact us anytime for a free quote!


How much does yard landscaping cost?

Landscape construction and maintenance services can vary in cost depending on the amount of work required and how long your project might take.

What is included in landscape installation?

A professional landscaper will remove all debris and weeds before adding soil amendments if needed. Depending on your requirements, they also install irrigation systems, garden beds, trees, and other landscape design elements.

How long does yard landscaping take?

On average, it takes a few days to finish the most basic garden bed layout with one dedicated professional working from start to finish. However, arranging multiple services such as irrigation or tree planting can take up to a week. It all depends on the size and complexity of your project.

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How Can I Make My Yard Stand Out?

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