Landscaping in Vancouver

Grand-View Landscape is a full-service landscape company. Our services include design, new construction, renovations, and maintenance. We can give you beautiful outdoor lighting, a peaceful pond, or other water feature, and we have irrigation specialists to give your lawn the long-lasting love it deserves. Landscaping is a service-oriented business. This belief and the overall level of our service is what separates us from other landscape companies. We offer a variety of landscaping programs to keep your property happy, healthy, and looking the best that it can!

Lawn Treatment Program

Our team will apply seasonally appropriate fertilizers to maintain consistent growth and color. By using lime, we help to keep the proper pH balance of the soil. We monitor turf areas and treat for specific weed and moss problems. Overseeding helps to revitalize and thicken the lawn. We provide thatch reduction mowing on an as-needed basis to remove dead grass and promote a healthier, thicker lawn. Aeration promotes vigorous root growth through improved water and air infiltration.

Lawn Mowing Program

Turf shall be cut at a uniform height with sharp blades to maintain an even, smoothly cut appearance and to prevent shredding of grass blades. Grass clippings shall be collected and removed from lawn areas. We edge all lawn areas to maintain a sharp, clean appearance. Concrete walkways shall be blown clean after the day’s work or sooner when necessary to prevent unsightly conditions.

Landscaping Design & Installation Services

Landscaping Vancouver WA
Our goal as design/build professionals is to ultimately provide you with a finished project that exceeds your expectations. Our team offers everything from initial site analysis and planning through landscape design and installation.

We can manage all aspects of your project, including installation of walkways, patios, walls, steps, driveways, drainage, and grading, as well as the selection and installation of plants. We also design and install water features, irrigation systems, and night lighting, especially for your project. Each design is unique to its setting while encompassing our clients’ wishes. We take great pride in our ability to interpret your thoughts, resulting in a landscape that portrays your personality.

Water Features

Landscaping water features are available in several different options, including ponds, waterfalls, and fountains. At Grand-View Landscape, we can help you find the best landscaping water feature that is right for you, and that will add to your overall landscape design. Landscaping water features can serve as a centerpiece of your property, or as a complementary piece that adds to the overall portrait. Contact Grand-View Landscape today to go over your options and get started on the work.

Retaining Walls

Grand-View Landscape, Inc. installs the best in retaining walls in Vancouver WA and will set you up with a retaining wall that works best for your property. Retaining walls are perfect for leveling out your land and preventing landslides from occurring. You will find the best in retaining walls at Grand-View Landscape, and we will work directly with you to ensure you get the project you want. We specialize in a wide variety of designs, meaning you will be able to find something that works for your Vancouver WA retaining wall project.

Landscape Maintenance

Landscape maintenance can be a significant chore if you are unfamiliar with the process or don’t have the time to keep up with it every week. At Grand-View Landscape, we offer the best landscape maintenance service around and will be able to ensure your property is always looking its best.

Essential landscape maintenance requires continued support to ensure further problems do not arise over time. If you keep up with the work, your property will thrive. Working with Grand-View Landscape will ensure your landscape maintenance is always up-to-date.
Our professional staff handles all phases of weekly and seasonal ground maintenance. Our groundskeeping services include:

    Flower Bed Maintenance
    Shrub Maintenance

    Spring Clean-Up
    Autumn Leaf Clean-Up
    Water Feature Maintenance

    Irrigation Winterization
    Spring Start-Up
    And More!

Irrigation Maintenance Program

Landscape irrigation is essential to the performance of your overall property. You don’t want to deal with flooding or other issues that develop when your landscape irrigation is not working properly. At Grand-View Landscape, we ensure your landscape irrigation is designed properly and functions accurately at all times. We want your landscape to look its best no matter the conditions, which is why we provide the best in landscape irrigation services to every one of our clients. Our irrigation services include installing new systems, winterization, maintenance, and repairs.